The last twelve Templars


In the 14th Century the French King Philip the Handsome and Pope Clement V pursued the Order of the Templars. The Order of the Templars gained great power in the defence of Christianity in the Orient. This power was to break.

The pope made the order by edict and the repeal of the Templars goods confiscated.

The contribution of the French king was the execution of 60 brave knights temple in Paris.

But the hunt continued. The Archbishop of Mainz, Peter of Aichspalt received command, to destroy all Templars, he could get.

The last twelve Templars had sought refuge at Burg Lahneck.

The Archbishops soldiers besieged the castle surprising and expected the task of the Templars.

The bloody deed of King Philip the Handsome
in mind, the Templar decided, to lose their lives in battle only. Despite the large archbishops forces, they are so brave that the attacker succeeded only after several waves of attack, the last Templars to kill up to one. Bloody and by the fierce defence weakened, he joined the enemy leader.

This was now so much impressed by the tenacity, the courage and bravery of the Templars that this knight he offered freedom if he would ask for mercy.

The Templar came slowly, lowered his sword full of blood, looked long into the eyes of the butcher of his brothers. Then he took his enemy and fell with him in the deep moat.

Note: The moat of the castle Lahneck was filled with so-called Spanish riders. These are top-oriented spear tips, in close distance of the moat.